Road Crash Barrier


Product Description

– Corona Crash barriers Minimize damabge to vehicles & passengers
– It controls the exist angle by effective re-direction & gradual deceleration thereby prevents vehicle from skidding back onto the carriageway
– The “W” Beam absorbs maximum energy, therefore restrains vehicle from veering over
– The components are Hot Dip Galvanized ensuring longivity
– In night Driving conditions, the Crash Barriers act as a Visual Guide
Expressways & Highways Barriers for restraining
Mountain roads Barriers for protection
Medians / Grade separators Barriers for containment
Car Racing Tracks Barriers for crash cars
At Airports, Mines, etc. Barriers for interior traffic safety
Around trees, waterbodies, etc. Barriers as fencing
European (EN 1317 – 1 & 2)
American (AASHTO M 180)
British (BS 6579)
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, India (MoRTH)