Product Description

Trellis systems are used as supporting structures to keep the fruit off the ground. This consists of Trellis Posts, Trellis Stakes, Trellis Crossarm, Trellis Wire, etc.

Open Gable Trellis System, Vertical Shooting Position System ( VSP), Expanded Vertical Trellis System, Lyre or U Trellis System, Double Curtain Trellis System, DOV trellis System, Tatura Trellis System are the various systems used in the Industry. The selection of the trellis systems is very important for the Canopy management and yield of corps.

We carry a wide selection of trellis systems for different fruits, such as Table Grape Trellis System, Wine Grape Trellis System, Apple Trellis System, Pear Trellis System, Cherry Trellis System, Pomegranate Trellis System, Kiwi Fruit Trellis System, Tomato Trellis System, and Veggie Trellis System. The trellis systems can be modified or tailor-made to your specifications.


V Lyre Trellis System

Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) Trellis System

Expanded Vertical Trellis System

DOV Raisin Trellis System

Vineyard Open Gable Trellis System

Open Lyre Trellis System